About Us

My name is Roman Kurywczak and I have a passion for photography. Originally a graphic art major, I combined my love of hiking and travel with photography. Even though the art major never materialize, the interest in photography never waned. Over the last twenty-five years I have been able to share that love with my wife Pura and two sons, Gregory and Ian.  Primarily a landscape photographer at the beginning of my career, I have continually expanded my photography pallet by branching out into the world of macro work, birds, animals, and HDR photography.  Maybe the only thing better than taking great pictures, is sharing the experience with others. In 2013 I became the newest member of the Sigma Pro Team and in that capacity will give presentations, workshops, and lectures across the country.  You can see a list of my speaking engagements here.

I started Roamin’ with Roman Photo Tours a little over 10 years ago for the sole purpose of running small instructional photographic tours and workshops. Many tours claim to be small, while they take 6 or more participants.  I have maintained groups of only 4 on my US-based tours to maximize your learning experience and instill a better understanding of photography techniques. Sharing my love of the many great places we will visit and watching you capture amazing photographs is my goal!  Because of this small group size, my tours are extremely flexible to allow us to change plans as weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances arise. I know you can’t say that about many other photographic tours!  My tours are not designed to be relaxing get-a-ways. We will start before dawn and be up until after the sun sets almost every day while taking most of our breaks during the mid-day hours. When possible, we will also do some night-time shooting! Check the more tour info section to see what is and isn’t included in the tours.

I strive to provide a unique photographic experience and social environment for people who share my excitement about photography. Although my tours/workshops are designed for all levels of photographers, some require a good deal of mobility as we go from one location to the next and not always over the best terrain.  A few of the locations may require hiking, so know your ability and call me if you have any concerns about a tours physical requirements!  All my US tours are limited to 4 participants. Tanzania is limited to 10 to ensure maximum enjoyment for all. Lodging cost and transportation after your arrival at the departure point airport are included in my costs so keep that in mind when comparing tours. If you are a serious photographer who wants to be led to stunning locations at the right times or a beginner who just wants personalized instuction, these tours are for you. On my tours you will not be lost in the crowd!  I will be there right beside you to provide help or answer any questions that you may have. I personally run all my tours!  I want people on my tours whose pursuit of the photographic art is only exceeded by their enthusiasm for life.  Check my schedule page for the latest tours and workshops.

If you have any questions about my tours, you can e-mail me at rkurywczak@gmail.com or call me at: (908) 241-0500.

All the best to you,



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  1. […] phone, feel free to call me at: 908-241-0500 with any questions that you may have about any of my small group instructional tours  or workshops. LD_AddCustomAttr("AdOpt", "1"); LD_AddCustomAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

  2. […] Roman Kurywczak runs photo tours and workshops. He starts off a new post on his blog with the following quote. “I am always on the lookout for new gear that I can recommend to all of you that I would use myself. Every once in a while a product comes along that catches my attention and the Induro GHB2 Gimbal Style head is one such product.” […]

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