Reflector and Plamp

This week’s gear tip is for macro photography.  I always use a 5 in 1 collapsible reflector from Promaster in the 22 inch size.  You can get it here from Hunt’s Photo & Video.  It is available in larger sizes, but I feel the 22 inch is more than enough for most macro work!  It is inexpensive and great to use even if you are doing flash photography.  I use it to bounce that extra bit of light on the underside or shadow side of the flower or insect…….even if I am using my twin flashes! This item is a must for all macro photographers.  It is lightweight and because it is collapsible, fits easily into your bag.  I mostly use the gold reflector, as I like the warmth it provides, but I do use the silver side for certain flowers that don’t look good with the gold reflector.  I also use the inside diffuser when the need arises.  One problem that people often ask me about is how to hold it when I am in the field or even at home…… When mounted on a tripod….I use the 10 second timer so that I can still have a free hand to hold the diffuser  As many of you are aware though…..I love hand holding my macro images so a close second for must have is the Plamp!  It will hold the reflector for you, leaving your hands free to compose and shoot.  I also use it to hold my background behind my subjects!  I would recommend getting the 12 inch extension because this allows for that little bit of extra reach.   Keep those 2 tools in your camera bag and it will go a long way in helping you with your macro work!  If you call or e-mail Hunt’s…….tell Gary Farber:  I sent you!


One Response to “Reflector and Plamp”

  1. Hey Roman,
    Good review & advice. I own both these items and loved your latest tip at your last Macro Workshop about the $1.00 screwdriver to stick in the ground.

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