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East Coast Florida Tour/Workshop Report

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Great Egrets at the Nest

OK… I am a bit behind on my tour/workshop reports so I decided to start from my last one! The east coast Florida tour is very different from the west coast Florida tour I do earlier in March as we concentrate more on the chicks. What got my attention in the image at the top was the dark green background that I could isolate with my Sigma 300-800mm. I tried to repeat the same scenario with the images below of the Cattle Egrets and the Tri-colored Herons (which were also photographed with the Sigma 300-800mm). You have to take many images when photographing nests as getting 3 correct head angles is difficult to say the least!!!

Cattle Egrets at the Nest

Begging Tricolored Herons

One of the highlights of the tour had to be the black necked stilts and their chicks. The clouds didn’t cooperate on many of the mornings but I did get a one really good chance with the Sigma 300-800mm.

Close to Mom

There was still some mating activity going on with the egrets and I wanted to concentrate on the cattle egrets that had some pretty spectacular breeding plumage which you can see for yourself in the image below. I used the Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 for this one.

Banking Cattle Egret

To get a bit more variety on this tour we also visited butterfly world for some macro photography. Besides the butterflies we got an opportunity at some flowers and even some finches! I used my Sigma 180mm macro and the Canon MT24 twin lights for all the macro images below.


Battling for Attention



One afternoon, I wanted to travel a bit lighter so I used my 120-300mm when I had an opportunity to photograph this fledged spoonbill still pestering mom and dad for food. It was almost comical to watch as he shoved that large bill into the parents’ mouth!

Fledgling and Mom

On one particular morning we had cloudy conditions and not too much activity when I spotted a Ruddy Turnstone attacking a crab. I sure wish we had better light although it is the ones that I miss that keep me going back for more!!!

Battle of Life and Death

I had the good fortune of watching the tricolored heron chick pictured below take his first flight just shortly after he posed on this branch for me.

Posing Tri

I will be announcing my 2014 east coast Florida workshops shortly so stay tuned to my schedule or e-mail me at;  to be placed on the advanced notice list.