Holcombe – Jimison Farmstead Workshop Announcement!

I am pleased to announce a return private workshop to the Holcombe – Jimison Farmstead museum.  Many of you have asked me to include more local workshops, so this one in Lambertville, NJ is perfect for you. This historic landmark is a treasure trove for HDR photography but you can also capture some fantastic images in a single exposure!  We will have special access on a Saturday, September 15th, to bring in our tripods and explore the numerous buildings.  Locations include an old Barber Shop (pictured above), but the old doctor’s office and dentist chair are also great fun to photograph.

I can probably spend an entire day in the old general store pictured above and below!!! 

The hearth area (pictured below) is another of the many locations that offers endless possibilities and compositions.

 Susan Candelario will be co-leading this workshop with me and it is limited to 10 participants.  The cost for this 3+ hour workshop is $90.  As always, you can contact me at: rkurywczak@gmail.com


2 Responses to “Holcombe – Jimison Farmstead Workshop Announcement!”

  1. Vicki DeVico Says:

    Roman…can’t find this on your tour website so I can sign up. Can you send me a link?

  2. Hey Vicki,
    You can find the Pay now on my website on either the contact page or e-book. Need to get it here shortly…..will send you the link.

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