Working on Some Images…. Yellowstone/Grand Tetons on My Mind

I have been working on finalizing this year’s Yellowstone/Grand Teton photo tour and it spurred me to work on some night images from my previous trips there.  Teaching night photography on all my tours is one of the favorite things I do on them.  It takes often photographed scenes and puts a fresh new spin on them.  All the images in this post are very good examples of this and anyone who has been to these parks knows how difficult it can be to get a fresh take on some of the most photographed icons in the world.  The top image of Schwabacher’s landing and Yellowstone Falls below are perfect example as the crowds there can be unbearable during the day.  Yellowstone and the Tetons revert to their quiet wild self at night.

The lack of crowds and the absence of noise is a real treat!  During the day, you lose some of that experience…… although since I have written the Night Guide……we are running into a lot more photographers!  Good luck avoiding the crowds at either Oxbow Bend or Old Faithful, both pictured below, during the day!

The barns (shown below) are another example of where you will encounter throngs of photographers during the day. After a quick tutorial on focusing at night and composing, we head out to these iconic locations while the crowds are busy slumbering away for the night. I love to see the thrill on my clients faces when they get to photograph them for the first time at night for themselves.  By the end of every tour, they are all experts at night photography!  This is why siesta time during the mid day hours is so important too!

I am often asked the question: “Aren’t you bored going to the same locations?  My response is always the same……no way!  The image below of White Dome Geyser is a great example of that as I have probably photographed it more than 100 times!  I tried a new composition of this geyser and the Milky Way was particularly bright this evening. Every day is different and every year I get something new to add to my portfolio.  Sharing my love of photography and teaching my clients new things is a thrill unlike no other!  That is why I keep my group sizes (4 on US-based tours) so small!!!  You will not get lost in the crowd on my tours and you get me standing there beside you answering any questions that you may have. 

I only have 1 spot left on this year’s photo tour that runs from September 27th – October 6th.  If you wish to join me and learn more about night photography you can secure your spot by submitting your $500 deposit using the Pay Now button on my website and use a credit card or PayPal.  Just enter the amount and then follow the credit card instructions or log into your PayPal account.

Don’t worry; we will also be taking all the classic day time images too……just remember to take advantage of siesta time when we get the chance!

As always you can email me personally at: so that I can answer any other questions that you may have.



5 Responses to “Working on Some Images…. Yellowstone/Grand Tetons on My Mind”

  1. You have such a talent for the night images! That second barn photo is my favorite, although the one with Old Faithful is right up there.

  2. Great work, Roman. Looking forward to practicing in Arches next February.

  3. These are incredible, Roman.

  4. […] this slideshow, Roman shows off some of his best night photography shot at Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and other beautiful locations that his Roamin with Roman […]

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