Radio City Music Hall Photo Contest Winner Announcement!

Congratulations Betty Wiley for having your image above chosen as the winner of my Radio City Music Hall workshop photo contest!!!   Susan and I felt the image showed a great perspective of the grand lobby and your processing made it shine!  You will receive your choice of any Topaz Labs Software.  Congratulations to you!!!


As Susan and I were looking through the images, the image above caught our attention because of the unusual perspective and composition……so I decided to choose a runner-up!  Congrats George Garbeck!  Your prize is $50 off any workshop over $125 or $125 off any of my longer tours. 

Congrats to you both and all that participated!!!


7 Responses to “Radio City Music Hall Photo Contest Winner Announcement!”

  1. Lori Whalen Says:

    Spectacular. Congratulations

  2. Both images are worthy of awards…great job!

  3. Awesome! Congratulations to Betty! Thats one fantastic shot worthy of the grand prize!

  4. Congrats to both winners, but we’re all winners cause it was a fantastic day!

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