Radio City Music Hall Workshop New Date Announcement!

My first Radio City Music Hall workshop sold out quickly and many of you were unable to attend so I am pleased to announce that I have secured September 16th for another private workshop there.  This historic landmark is an Art Deco treasure and we will have exclusive access to photograph the remarkable architecture with our tripods and explore both HDR photography or just single exposures or this magnificent structure.  Susan Candelario will be co-leading this event with me.  The image at top is from the lower lobby looking up into the main lobby upstairs.

We will have opportunities to photograph the main theater, the grand lobby (pictured below), multiple powder room (including the magnificent ladies lounge pictured above), and many other areas not available to the general public.  You can see some images of the areas from my first Radio City blog post here

The date is September 16th, 2012 and the time is from 8am till 11:30am.  We will meet under the historic marquee promptly at 8am to go over setting and provide instruction before we head in to maximize the shooting time. As always, Susan and I will also be there with you to answer any additional questions that may arise.  The cost of this private instructional workshop is $90.  The price increase reflects a bit more time inside the interior as well as additional helpers once inside.  While the group size seems large (27) we will break them up into 3 smaller groups (novice, intermediate, and advanced).  I am always adjusting my workshops in this manner to foster a better learning environment for all my participants.  A door prize and special photo contest with a prize will also be part of this experience!

 The first workshop had a waiting list of 10 people that we were not able to accommodate, so if you missed the first one, don’t delay as I expect this one to sell out just as quickly and I have no idea if/when I can get another date inside! The fastest way to secure your spot is to use the Pay Now Button on the bottom of the page and use a credit card or PayPal.  Just enter the amount and then follow the credit card instructions or log into your PayPal account.

As always you can email me personally at: so that I can answer any other questions that you may have.


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