Five New Florida Bird Photography Tours Announced!

I am thrilled to announce that in 2013 my schedule will have 5 instructional Florida Bird Photography tours!  They are timed at different times of year to offer you a variety of species and opportunities.

The first tour, from February 16th – 23rd, is timed to coincide with Presidents Day here in the US.  The images in this post represent a small example of the variety of birds you can expect to photograph both as portraits and in flight.  On this workshop we will also be doing some butterfly macro photography as well!  As many of you are now aware, I can quickly change our itinerary as different photographic opportunities present themselves!  Unlike other tours, I do not pass you off to an assistant!  I am there to personally instruct you and help with any technical photographic questions you may have. Many tours try to call themselves small and take 6 or more clients.  I take only 4 (US locations) to maximize your learning experience. That also allows me to teach you a bit more in-depth and give you a more personalized environment.

Shortly thereafter, I have my second group of tours but this time to the southwest coast of Florida.  I only have one week available, from March 9th – 16th, as the week of the 17th – 24th sold out to my advanced notice e-mail list.  I give that group a 2 week exclusive opportunity to sign up for any tour before I make an announcement here on my blog.  If you would like to be put on that list, just email me and I will add your name to that list.  The highlight of this tour has to be the 2 days (weather permitting) of a private charter to photograph Roseate Spoonbills.  I have been going to Florida for over 17 years now and have never had an opportunity for spoonbills like you do on the boat.  We do get off the boat and into the water to get the best shooting angle.  You can see some examples of images on previous blog posts here, here, and here.

My last tours down to Florida are to the East Coast.  The departure point is Jacksonville and the week available is from May 12th – 14th.   The week of May 4th – 11th sold out to my advance notice list.  This tours highlights are the baby chicks as well as the courting and mating rituals of many of the other species.  I have a few HDR locations on the agenda as well! 

Many of you may not be aware that my costs include lodging (based on double occupancy) and transportation after your arrival at the departure point airport.  While we travel together in the vehicle, we often discuss technical photographic subjects and share post processing tips and techniques.  My goal on every tour is to teach you how to get the best possible image in camera so you don’t have to rely on post processing to “save” a bad image but rather use post processing as a tool to enhance an outstanding capture.  You can find all the specifics, such as cost and departure point, on my schedule page and as always you can email me personally at: so that I can answer any questions that you may have.



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