Home for Now and Check This Photographer Out!

I just returned from the Florida Birding Festival where I was an advertiser/vendor for the first time and got a chance to meet a photographer with whom I share a very similar macro photography philosophy and whose work I really admire: Mike Moats.  I first learned about Mike when we were both macro moderators on birdphotographers.net so it was a real treat to finally meet him in person and chat a bit.  Even though the current trend is to create blurs, we both enjoy photographing at the f/22 – f/32 spectrum of the macro world to get everything tack sharp.  We both chuckled at the pundits who say that your macro lens isn’t the sharpest at that range.  While on some NASA scientist level that may be technically true……I always tell people to look at our images and tell us it isn’t sharp enough!!!  Mike also shared with me his thoughts and observations on shallow depth of field images and blurs.  He mentioned that at his tradeshows; where he sells prints, people would often negatively comment on that type of image……even point and shooters!!! Most feel that they do better themselves comparatively.  He has since stopped selling those images although he still enjoys creating them for himself. We both feel that more people struggle with creating sharp images with excellent depth of field so we both teach people in our workshops how to achieve that goal.  You can check out more of his work here for yourself.

While some may say that I may be crazy for recommending another macro photography workshop…..as I only do a few ½ day macro workshops a year and often, just in the local area, why not recommend someone whose work I admire and respect?  If you are in an area that Mike Moats is giving one of his macro boot camps and can’t attend one of mine, I highly recommend you get to one of his “boot camps” and learn how to get tack sharp images with maximum depth of field for yourself.  Check out his schedule for more details and locations.

I wanted to share one quick bird image with you all so that you didn’t think I went totally crazy by going down to Florida and not creating any bird images!  The image above was taken early one morning before the festival doors opened.  I don’t get to go out often for myself anymore, so I was thrilled to be able to get out with the Sigmonster for a few mornings and photograph.  Nothing like a lot of bird action to get the adrenaline pumping!!!  I have a lot of catching up to do on blogs and images and I hope to get to some updates and gear reviews in the coming weeks. Stay tuned…….


3 Responses to “Home for Now and Check This Photographer Out!”

  1. Love love love the macro. Can’t wait to learn how.

  2. Dave Mills Says:

    Beautiful images as always. You caught the mating pair at a perfect moment….

  3. sdcphoto Says:

    What can I say… a little bit of love and romance in every image. LOL Stellar captures!

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