More Florida Birds

I got a chance today to work on a few images from my SW Florida Tour as I arrived in Salt Lake City for my Arches tour this morning and wanted to share a few more images of the variety of birds before my focus turns to the landscapes that await me!  The image above shows a cattle egret in full breeding plumage as he was chasing a rival in one of the rookery locations I visit during the tour.  Their erratic flight patterns make these little rockets a challenge…..even for me!  Throw in the wrong wind direction and it made flight shot windows very limiting!!!  Needless to say, I was thrilled with this capture and a few more frames from that burst. 

As usual, we visited the normal hotspots where  we had plenty of opportunities at the birds feeding.  Yes, I baited in a few areas, but as soon as I ran out of fish to throw, they went about their normal fishing business.  If you go to any fishing pier in Florida, you often don’t have to supply the food as the fisherman usually attract the birds we are looking to photograph.  Florida is a unique that way. 

Not to be missed on any tour down to SW Florida are the Burrowing Owls of Cape Coral.  I have no idea why they choose to live there as it is far from tranquil, but you can always find a good population of them there willing to pose for you, once they get comfortable with your presence.

I have to admit that one of my favorite birds in Florida is the Brown Pelican!  I don’t know why actually… they aren’t the most beautiful or graceful!  Somehow they just remind me of the beach and maybe that is why they appeal to me so much.  No shortage of these characters and they always provide quite a few photo ops both in flight and in the water and while we are down on the tours they are in full breeding mode so plenty of opportunities for both nest-building and bathing as in the image below.

Many of you have expressed interest already in next years tour and signed up for the advance list. I will announce the dates upon my return from arches so drop me a line at: if you want to get the first crack at this action packed tour.


9 Responses to “More Florida Birds”

  1. Dave Mills Says:

    Love them all but the first image is exceptional. Great wingspread and detail….

  2. Charlotte Farlow Says:

    Arty Morris had better step aside. Roman is walking in his shoes.

    Love ya,

  3. sdcphoto Says:

    Hey Roman,
    All are great images but my favorite is the first one of the Cattle Egret. It is AWESOME in every way!!!

  4. Nice work!

  5. […] water to get the best shooting angle.  You can see some examples of images on previous blog posts here, here, and […]

  6. […] water to get the best shooting angle.  You can see some examples of images on previous blog posts here, here, and […]

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