March 4th: A Day that Changed My Life Forever

Maybe it is that I am leaving once again to lead one of my tours…….maybe it’s just me getting  a bit more sentimental as I get older….. but it just occurred to me that I would be away on March 4th.  I hope you will indulge me as I share with you why this is perhaps the most important day in my life! 

The specific date is March 4th, 1983.  March 4th doesn’t appear to be a special date on the surface.  I remember the cartoons in the papers used to have a little boy marching forth but I was never sure why but just for a play of words.  To me, that date is much more significant because that day, I had my first date with Pura!  The movie we went to see that night was 48 hours starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte.  It is hard to believe that 29 years have passed since that first date!

Over the years, she has been the foundation of my family and friends yet has never sought or received any glory. She did give me my first camera one Christmas and from then on has hung on, with both hands, to the roller coaster ride that I have taken her on……always making sure that I was the one who landed on my feet. She has given me my two greatest treasures in my sons; Gregory and Ian. Every morning that I wake up I count my blessings for all of them and realize just how lucky I am to have her beside me!  March 4th will always be her day…….so let the spotlight shine on you this day my love! 

Pura, you have not only earned the spotlight, but deserve it more than me. You have never given up on me…..even when I had my doubts.  You are the only reason for my success professionally and also as a husband, father, and son. When I get home, I’ll make some popcorn and rent 48 Hours…….because it is always March 4th in my heart with you. Thanks for always being there for me and making me shine and I just wanted to let the world know the real reason behind my success!


9 Responses to “March 4th: A Day that Changed My Life Forever”

  1. Very touching, Roman! Best wishes for another 29 (or more) years of success and good health together.

  2. OMG I am almost sobbing!!! The old saying goes that behind a good man is always a good woman… Very true in the case of you and Pura. She is SUPER!!! Have a great tour we will miss you.
    Oh and the flower images are the reason I got it together when I went back to look at them again. LOL YS

  3. Phil Witt Says:

    Very nice, Roman. And don’t forget–Pura is also the backbone of CamNats!

  4. Your work remains stunning, even in this latest offering. Well done!

  5. Lee Wuenn Says:

    Hey, I never knew you were the soulful type! But Pura deserves it. Have a long wonderful life together. Love Lee

    • Janet Bongiovanni Says:

      How beautiful. Is this the f/4 side of RK? Seriously, thank you for sharing your deep love and intermost feelings with all of us and I’m sure Pura is basking in your message and reading it over and over again…I would.

  6. What a touching tribute to your lovely wife . . .

  7. What a beautiful tribute! Your deep emotions are evident in your photography as well as your words! I am really looking forward to my first workshop with you.

  8. Awesome post. Like the images to go with it it. Grats to you!

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