Final August Tanzania Tour Report

As I look back at last Augusts’ tour, my most vivid memories are of the Wildebeest crossing the Mara River but of course but the lion sightings are no less impressive! We had a great many opportunities this time around and what was a bit new for me was the number of cubs we encountered.  As you can see from the images above and below, it becomes clear very quickly at how cute the little ones really are.  Make no mistake about it though, they grow into fierce hunters.  We came across a few kills but Pura didn’t want me to post any of those!

One of the most beautiful cats has to be the cheetah.  One morning, we came across a scene I had never witnessed before: A hyena threatening a cheetah!  The images below show the cheetah growling at the unseen hyena and then the ghost like hyena in the tall grass as he passed by.

I am always amazed with the variety of animals we get to see in Tanzania and this August was no exception.  It was a banner year for us with the leopards and as usual, the baboons never disappoint.  Below is just a fraction of the over 5,000 keeper images I have from that tour.

One thing that really impressed me on this tour was the level of luxurious accommodations that Grace Evans of Awaken to Africa arranged for my tour.  They have the absolute best drivers/guides and David (part owner), Steven, and Albert did not disappoint! Their spotting ability and knowledge is second to none!  I finally had the opportunity to photograph some of tent camps and even got out one night to photograph the Milky Way over the dining tent.  The HDR is of the lounge at Ngorongoro Crater.


I have posted my 2013 dates for my August Tanzania tour so I hope you can join me for this 2 week luxury safari of a lifetime.


6 Responses to “Final August Tanzania Tour Report”

  1. As always, Roman, beautiful images. And they bring back good memories of our Tanzania trip with you.

  2. You got that second from the top to smile! I like its teeth. Lee

  3. Breathtaking series. A trip of a lifetime for sure. It’s on our bucket list and of course in one of your tours.

  4. Wonderful photographs of Tanzania! So happy that you’re sharing them.

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