August Tour to Tanzania Bird Report

I wanted to share with you all some of the variety of species of birds you will find in Tanzania.  These are from my last tour in August. Many of you know that I really enjoy photographing birds, especially in flight!  Much to the dismay of some of my clients, who are proficient in bird identification, I barely remember the names of them even after they tell me.  I am striving to get better…..but I might just buy the bird ID book!  The image above is of a Fiscal Shrike.  I spent quite some time trying to capture him taking off.  I had to manually focus on an area just to the left of where he was perched.  After that….it’s just like a fight at the OK Corral……who is quicker on the draw!  With some careful observations of behavior, you can learn to time when you depress the shutter to try to capture the decisive moment.  I try to remember how I ever did that with film!

The beauty and variety of the birds is probably what surprise me the most.  I have images of Lilac Breasted Rollers from my other trips to Tanzania but in the image above I like the isolation from the BG.  The images below of the Superb Starling is the best I have so far of the species in flight.  It is tops on my list to improve upon!

I have posted my 2013 dates for Tanzania.  I hope you can join me on this ultra luxury safari as we will have some even more exciting opportunities for not only the birds, but the usual wildlife suspects which I will posting about shortly. I hope you enjoy the images below which shows just a small sampling of the variety of birds in Tanzania at that time.

Just as a reminder, don’t forget to enter your images into my free HDR contest and check out some of the images already entered!


2 Responses to “August Tour to Tanzania Bird Report”

  1. Impressive series here, Roman! Beautiful!!!

  2. Wonderful bird images! Oh my, they are impressive . . .

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