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Final August Tanzania Tour Report

Posted in Instructional Photo Tours on February 24, 2012 by roamin with roman

As I look back at last Augusts’ tour, my most vivid memories are of the Wildebeest crossing the Mara River but of course but the lion sightings are no less impressive! We had a great many opportunities this time around and what was a bit new for me was the number of cubs we encountered.  As you can see from the images above and below, it becomes clear very quickly at how cute the little ones really are.  Make no mistake about it though, they grow into fierce hunters.  We came across a few kills but Pura didn’t want me to post any of those!

One of the most beautiful cats has to be the cheetah.  One morning, we came across a scene I had never witnessed before: A hyena threatening a cheetah!  The images below show the cheetah growling at the unseen hyena and then the ghost like hyena in the tall grass as he passed by.

I am always amazed with the variety of animals we get to see in Tanzania and this August was no exception.  It was a banner year for us with the leopards and as usual, the baboons never disappoint.  Below is just a fraction of the over 5,000 keeper images I have from that tour.

One thing that really impressed me on this tour was the level of luxurious accommodations that Grace Evans of Awaken to Africa arranged for my tour.  They have the absolute best drivers/guides and David (part owner), Steven, and Albert did not disappoint! Their spotting ability and knowledge is second to none!  I finally had the opportunity to photograph some of tent camps and even got out one night to photograph the Milky Way over the dining tent.  The HDR is of the lounge at Ngorongoro Crater.


I have posted my 2013 dates for my August Tanzania tour so I hope you can join me for this 2 week luxury safari of a lifetime.


August Tour to Tanzania Bird Report

Posted in Instructional Photo Tours on February 16, 2012 by roamin with roman

I wanted to share with you all some of the variety of species of birds you will find in Tanzania.  These are from my last tour in August. Many of you know that I really enjoy photographing birds, especially in flight!  Much to the dismay of some of my clients, who are proficient in bird identification, I barely remember the names of them even after they tell me.  I am striving to get better…..but I might just buy the bird ID book!  The image above is of a Fiscal Shrike.  I spent quite some time trying to capture him taking off.  I had to manually focus on an area just to the left of where he was perched.  After that….it’s just like a fight at the OK Corral……who is quicker on the draw!  With some careful observations of behavior, you can learn to time when you depress the shutter to try to capture the decisive moment.  I try to remember how I ever did that with film!

The beauty and variety of the birds is probably what surprise me the most.  I have images of Lilac Breasted Rollers from my other trips to Tanzania but in the image above I like the isolation from the BG.  The images below of the Superb Starling is the best I have so far of the species in flight.  It is tops on my list to improve upon!

I have posted my 2013 dates for Tanzania.  I hope you can join me on this ultra luxury safari as we will have some even more exciting opportunities for not only the birds, but the usual wildlife suspects which I will posting about shortly. I hope you enjoy the images below which shows just a small sampling of the variety of birds in Tanzania at that time.

Just as a reminder, don’t forget to enter your images into my free HDR contest and check out some of the images already entered!

Radio City Music Hall Workshop Announcement! *Sold Out!*

Posted in Instructional Photo Tours on February 10, 2012 by roamin with roman

I am thrilled to announce an exciting new private workshop to be held at the Historic Radio City Music Hall!  This landmark is an Art Deco paradise with sweeping lines and vivid colors all beautifully and painstakingly restored to its original glory!  It is being co-led by great friend and fantastic photographer Susan Candelario.  As you can see in the image above, the grand lobby is a masterpiece in itself and is part of this 3 hour workshop. 

The main theater and stage are also accessible for us to photograph. This private workshop will allow us special access to some areas not normally open to the public. Because we have gained permission to bring our tripods, standard images as well as HDR’s can be explored.  The furnishings and décor all have classic Art Deco styling set in the breathtaking majesty that is Radio City Music Hall! The compositional design elements provide for endless photographic opportunities.

The date for this workshop is May 6th from 9am – 12pm and the cost is $75.  A door prize will be given to one lucky participant.  After the workshop, all participants will have an exclusive opportunity to share one of their images in a photo contest, open only to the group, with the winner receiving a special software prize. I am already getting sign ups from my advanced notice list and I expect this workshop to fill up fast so don’t delay.

As always if you have any questions you can e-mail me at: for any additional information.

The workshop is now sold out!  Stay tuned as i work on my next date!

Water Drops on My Mind

Posted in Instructional Photo Tours on February 3, 2012 by roamin with roman

I couple of years back a great friend of mine, Susan Candelario introduced me to the exciting world of high-speed water drop photography.  I have been hooked ever since.  Susan had been doing them for many years.  As many of you know, she now even has a how to e-book on the subject.  I always like getting together with her because she quickly handles any technical challenges I may throw at her and I keep trying to come up with crazier ideas to try out.  Things really went over the top when friends and great photographers Betty Wiley and Nick Palmieri joined us for a session.  The image above was a first for all involved.  Betty accidentally pressed the button twice on the time machine and given the 1.5 second exposure; she had 2 ghosted water drop collisions in a single frame.  It looked really cool!  The group energy started churning as we tried to recreate this effect on purpose.  The image above shows how we kept pushing the settings and had a heart form during one such sequence.  These extreme things are difficult to replicate consistently, so we decided to change the water and try something new.  The image below shows what we originally started out trying to achieve.

Betty was so excited with her images that she spoke with Amy Davies of Photography Events by Amy to try to set up a hands-on workshop up in Plymouth, MA area.  Susan and I were extremely excited to take our workshop on the road and are pleased to announce that we will be holding two half day high-speed water drop photography workshops on June 9th there.  Best news is you only need a CF or SD card to attend!  You can find all the information to register on Amy’s site.  Below is just another example of the type of image you can expect to get on this fun-filled workshop and you will be given all the information to achieve these results at home for yourself.

Amy was looking to make the workshops a weekend event so she is also having Susan and I lead a hands-on macro workshop on June 10th.  You can find all the registration information here.  During this workshop, Susan and I will cover everything from soft focus to maximum (my favorite) depth of field.  Natural lighting as well as the proper use of flash will be demonstrated. You will need a camera with a macro or other close up lens and it is recommended that you bring a tripod and flash if you have one.  Don’t forget to charge the batteries before you attend!  We will show you how to balance natural light with flash to allow you more flexibility when you are working in the field as I have done in the image below.  You can see some examples of images we will try to get on my gallery or on Susan’s gallery here

I hope you can join us for one or both of these workshops up in the Plymouth, Massachusetts area. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at: or call me at 908-241-0500.