2012 Full and Half Day Workshops Announced!!!

I just completed my last HDR workshops of the 2011 season.  On the trolley and train workshop last Saturday, which was co-led by Susan Candelario,  I had a few models there which represents a bit of a departure for me.  I am constantly looking for new locations or ideas to provide my clients unique photographic opportunities and 2012 is looking to be even more exciting!  I have posted my schedule here on my blog which includes the short 1/2 day workshops as well as the full day workshops.  Those are all being co-led by Susan Candelario.  I will be adding some new locations shortly but since many of you have asked me about some of my local workshops already, I decided to release the dates now.  Below are 3 of my favorite images from the HDR workshops in 2011.  One from Fonthill Castle, one from Eastern State Penitentiary, and one from Gillette Castle .

Another of my favorite images from the Trolley and Train workshops is the Graffiti Bus.  We did have models posing in the bus this workshop but I am sorry to report that I haven’t had a chance to work on them yet!  I did another image that I have worked on of Ginelle (she will be there in May 5th) as she posed on one of the trains below.

Besides the HDR workshops to Fonthill Castle, Gillette Castle, Trolleys and Trains, and Eastern State Penitentiary, I am running a half day macro workshop that will concentrate on lighting to Longwood Gardens on May 20th.  I will cover the use of reflectors and flash in-depth and how to achieve the maximum depth of field when taking your images.  Flowers will be the primary focus of this workshop but I wanted to share with you my favorite insect photo from 2011.  The proper use of flash and the concepts of lighting you learn in the flower workshop will allow you to branch out and apply those techniques to insects or even models!!!  Ginelle was lit with only a reflector in both images and in the image of the cicada killer below I used my flash, powered down, to get the results you see below.

I will be announcing new  local workshops shortly and if you want to be included on my e-mail list, where I announce the workshops first, drop me an e-mail at: rkurywczak@gmail.com and I will gladly add you to my preferred client list.  I always update my schedule here on the blog first, so be sure to check out the upcoming workshops page  regularly as I will be adding more instructional workshops shortly!  There you will find my longer instructional tours as well and as you will see…..many are filling up fast!  If you prefer to contact me by phone, feel free to call me at: 908-591-3321 with any questions that you may have about any of my small group instructional tours  or workshops.


3 Responses to “2012 Full and Half Day Workshops Announced!!!”

  1. That was a great at the Trolley Museum. The models were a nice added touch and I had a ball shooting them. As usual you are leading the way! Keep up the great work. Cannot wait until Florida!

  2. pkurywczak Says:

    Great shots, honey!!! You definitely know how to capture the ‘lighting’ and make the images ‘pop’!

  3. Great workshops, images, pp and tons of fun as usual!!! Always taking it a notch or two above. I love it!

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