Bryce and Zion Trip Report


I need to play a bit of catch up on my tour reports so I figured I would start with the last one to Zion and Bryce. As usual, weather plays a big factor when it comes to landscape photography and being able to deal with it and adapt has been a big part of my growth as a photographer! In Zion NP we were greeted with warm temps in the low 80’s and clear skies at night. This was very good news for night-time outings and I was even able to explore some new areas, like the historic “ghost town” in Grafton outside the park. The image below is of the schoolhouse and barn and I lit the inside of each structure with a few well positioned flashlights. 

As usual for this time of year, the bighorn sheep come down the slopes usually in the afternoon.  We headed out to try to capture them on the beautiful red rock of Zion and we were fortunate enough to get him on a slope with great sandstone lines.  I took a bunch of images with tighter compositions but I like this one below the best with the sweeping lines of the sandstone.


As we made our way to Bryce, the weather was starting to change and get much colder.  I was really hoping for snow and with a forecast one night of 7 inches……I was worried that we would get too much and it would cover the hoodoos!  Knowing that forecasts out there are very unpredictable we ventured out the next morning with just about an inch of the frozen stuff and I was able to realize a dream I had of snow in Bryce for a very long time.  I had missed it by just a day the previous trips out there and the image at the top shows just how the little bit of snow made Bryce even more beautiful!  By later that afternoon it was mostly gone.

I was able to explore a new location a bit more this year outside of Vegas called Valley of Fire state park.  It has numerous mini arches and caves all ranging in size but mostly 2 to 3 feet.  The arch above is inside a cave and it is only about 2 feet tall!  I will be exploring this area a bit more on next year’s tour and try to do some night photography there as well. 

As usual, given the opportunity, I will stop to do some cool HDR’s!  The image below was just outside Bryce.

As I updated my other tours report shortly from Tanzania, Yellowstone, and Arches, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that my first tour to Florida on March 3-10th has only 1 (male) or one female (single supplement) slot available.  The tour from the 10-17th is sold out.

You can e-mail me at: if you are interested or have any questions on my other tours in 2012.


3 Responses to “Bryce and Zion Trip Report”

  1. Ah! I can see why everyone wants to go roaming with Roman! How nice.

  2. Ditto, Connie! The quality and variety is awesome. Even snow!!! Great job as usual.

  3. Roman,

    the images are beautiful

    Judy H.

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