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HDR Processing and Eastern State Penitentiary

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I just ran my HDR workshop this past Sunday, at Eastern State Penitentiary.  Susan Candelario co-led this with me.  This was our last workshop to ESP this year but we will be having at least 1 workshop there some time in 2012.  As usual with HDR’s, it isn’t only about the proper capture and getting all the proper exposures (more is always better than not enough!) but also about the processing. I find that what separates most HDR images is the processing!  All of my previous trips there I had somehow overlooked it!

I use 3 different programs: Nik HDR Efex Pro, Photomatix Pro, and HDR Express.  All work very well but one program may work better on a particular image than the other.  Susan turned me on to HDR Express just before our Fonthill Castle Workshop and I feel it is the easiest to use if you are just beginning or are new to HDR processing. If you use Susan’s code of SDCPHOTOGRAPHY when you order the program from Unified Color  you will get a 10-20 percent discount on their product.  You can try the program for free for 30 days before you buy it and you don’t have any watermarks on the image and it has full functionality! Nik software’s program is the most comprehensive and it has the most controls while my favorite of the group…..Photomatix….is somewhere in between the 2 other programs. Both the images were processed using Photomatix Pro and I hope to share a few more images from our other HDR workshops using both Nik and Unified Colors software in the next few weeks as I play catch up on my blog!  Stay tuned!!!


Trolley’s and Trains & Gillette Castle

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Just wanted to update you all on the final 2 workshops of my schedule with a special announcement!!!  The first workshop is a trolley and train HDR workshop: from capture to output on December 3rd in Connecticut.  A special part of this shoot is that we will have 2 models to photograph in the trolleys and in front of the graffiti bus!!!  This workshop can be broken up into a morning session or just the processing session in the afternoon.   Each individual session is $150 but if you sign up for both, you will receive a $25 discount.  This workshop is being co-led by Susan Candelario and is limited to 10 participants.

On December 4th I am having my final HDR workshop and it is my 3rd at Gillette Castle in Connecticut.  This is only an afternoon shoot from 4-7pm and the cost is $195.  We have private access to the castle!  It is also being led by Susan Candelario and is limited to 10 participants.  You can see more images here on my earlier blog on it and the image below is from my last workshop there of the library.

I have a few slots left for both of these workshops and if you are interested the fastest way is to use the PayPal option and the Pay Now button on my schedule page.  As always you can e-mail me at: if you have any questions.

Remaining 2011 Workshops!

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My 2011 season is coming to an end so I just wanted to let everyone know that I have a few slots left for both the 1/2 day Water drop workshop on November 19th as well as the full day: from capture to output Eastern State Penitentiary workshop on November 20th.

Both workshops are being co-led by Susan Candelario and you can find more information on her workshop page.  At the ESP workshop we will spend the morning in a private area photographing locations off-limits to the general public.  We will then break for lunch, which is included in the cost, and go over the 3 main HDR programs that you can use to optimize your images.  Susan and I will share some tips and tricks for you to get the best results from your morning shoot. As many of you have now realized, it is the processing part of HDR’s that separates the average from the extraordinary!  Susan is a certified Photoshop instructor and will take you through the steps you need to process your image.  I will be there to offer assistance while you work on your image and answer any questions that you may have. You can see a good example of that in this barber shop chair image below and above that I processed in 2 different ways.

And here’s a few more images to give you a good idea on what you can expect from this day!

 If you haven’t had a chance to try your hand at water drop collisions then the November 19th workshop is for you and it is one of my easiest!  It runs from 1-5pm.  Susan is the one who got me started in water drop photography!  If you go to her high-speed water drop gallery…… will see why she is the queen of water drops!  All you need for this workshop is your CF or SD card to get great images like the ones below!


 For those of you who have taken our water drop workshop previously……don’t worry!  Susan and I are putting together a workshop for some time next year for the more advanced collisions such as the one below.

If you are interested in the advanced class, please e-mail me at: and I will notify you first when we finalize a date!

I’ll post my last 2 remaining workshops on Dec. 3rd and 4th shortly or you can check the upcoming workshops page!!!