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Arches December 2010 Trip Report

Posted in Instructional Photo Tours on January 20, 2011 by roamin with roman

A little late on this post but was just going trough some images from my December trip to Arches for some serious night photography.  As is usually the case, the weather had other ideas in store for me but as this was my vacation, I decided to make the most of the situation.

I have been to Arches so many times now that I have lost count.  It is very rare to get dramatic clouds there so I made the best of my opportunities even though it would greatly impact my night shooting plans.  I never tire of that area which also includes Canyonlands National Park 30 miles away.  As usual, if I don’t like what is going on in one area, I quickly make a decision to head to another one.  This is one huge benefit of having been there so many times!

Some days, the clouds were the most dramatic I have ever seen there, even though the light was less than ideal.  I decided to concentrate on the clouds and shapes and in the process convert the familiar landmarks into B&W images to further add drama to the spectacular clouds.




As the days passed I did manage to get a few clear night.  At that time of year you have about 10 hours of photography available to you so I made the most of those 2 nights revisiting some old locations and trying out a few new ones.  I like going back to areas I have already photographed to see if a new trip brings me to look at them with fresh eyes.  I was thrilled to get the turret arch image on the left as it has proved to be quite difficult in all my attempts.  I have photographed Balanced Rock on the right a number of times but the Milky Way was quite prominent on this night.

The Image above was of Skyline Arch and the exposure was for just about an hour.   What I really like about doing star trail images is that I got to go back to the car and stay warm!  It also brings back great memories for me as this was one of the first places I visited with my two boys.  I think they were just 3 and 4 years old!    Below is an image of Skyline at the end of the day.

I concluded my trip with a night out doing Christmas lights in the town of Moab.  As silly as I must have looked I’m surprised Moab’s finest did not pay me a visit!    They are a blast and you never know what you will get!!!


As my March-Arpil tour is full and so by the request of many of you……I have added a shorter trip to Arches in October of this year.  Don’t wait to sign up because with my small group sizes, the tours fill up quickly!