Zion/Bryce 2010 Trip Report

Hey All,

I have just returned from my Zion and Bryce tour and wanted to provide you all an update!  This tour continued my quest to capturing the iconic locations we all photograph during the day with a twist!  Night time provides these opportunities  and the clear skies when I arrived  made for some great night opportunities and the group was more than willing to try a few out!!  We did photograph the view from the bridge of the virgin river as well as Thor’s Hammer at sunrise……but the images below of these 2 icons just took these often visited locations up a notch and the tour participants were eager to try out the new techniques!

 We made it out for sunrise and sunset every day where I got to try out my new toy: The Singh Ray Daryl Benson reverse grad ND to tame the brightness of the sun at those moments. Interestingly enough I did also do HDR’s and photo merges…….but in my never-ending quest to capture the image “in camera”…….I was absolutely thrilled with the results! The image below shows one morning from our days at Bryce!

Another filter I always bring with me is the Singh Ray Vari ND filter to use with flowing water. The colors were going to peak when we were there so I used the filter to explore both traditional comps as well as some artistic blurs!

We also visited Red Rock Canyon just outside Bryce as well as Cedar Breaks and Coral Pink Sand Dunes! I expect that we will also visit these in 2011 during the tour and explore some of them during the night!

Nothing like a cooperative Big Horn!!!

I’m looking forward to a great tour in 2011!!!


2 Responses to “Zion/Bryce 2010 Trip Report”

  1. Roman these images are B R E A T H T A K I N G! You really know your stuff. No matter what you set yourself out to do… you do it top notch. WOW how I wish I would of been part of this tour. But I am happy just thinking about the ones in 2011-12 that I will be attending. I just can’t wait!!!! I am so excited.

  2. Amazing images Roman, You are the night time master of photography!!

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