Flowers on My Mind

Well, it’s spring so my mind turns to macro photography….specifically flowers!  I find that flower photogrpahy is the most accessible to us as all it takes is going to the local supermarket or nursery and buying some beautiful flowers, like the one below, to photograph.  Besides… gives me some huge brownie points with my wife!  I am running a workshop at Williams Nursery in Westfield, NJ on June 19th with Susan Candelario and Denise Ippolito.  David Williams, owner of the nursery, always has the nicest varieties and spectacular specimens in his stock!

Color Explosion

 I also enjoy going to Longwood Gardens in PA.  Although it is about 2 hours away, I never have a problem finding wonderful flowers to photograph there.  On August 14th, Denise Ippolito and I are doing another workshop there.  The water lilies will be at their peak and they have some of the best varieties I have ever seen!  Below are some of the varieties you can expect

Variety of Colors


 What I like the most about macro photography is that unlike all other branches of photography, I can control the light the most.  I used the flash as main light to compensate for the bright sun that day at Longwood Gardens.  These are just some of the things I will cover during the workshop.

Night Bloomer

Backlit Blooms

 I also will share with you  one of my newest techniques of  in camera high key images at both workshops!  Hope you can joins us for either of these exciting and informative workshops where you will learn how to make these type of images for your own portfolio!

High Key Bud


One Response to “Flowers on My Mind”

  1. Roman, Beautiful images and I am getting geared for the workshops!

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