Monument Valley Tribal Park Arizona

I have just returned from my sold out Arches/Monument Valley trip and while we only had one good opportunity for some night photography, we had some spectacular weather and clouds for the mornings and afternoons!

This trip was the perfect example of why I keep my group sizes small. I was able to change my schedule daily because the light conditions were rapidly changing and I wanted to maximize my clients’ opportunities to get the best images.  The day we were scheduled for sunrise shooting in Monument Valley was overcast and very windy, so I moved the group further west to Page for the day where we explored the slot canyons.

Flowing Sands Upper Antelope Canyon

Don’t forget!!!  When you are in Moab to visit Eddie McStiffs.  They make different beers all year long but my favorites are the porter and the stout! 

The Milky Ways Vigil Over Balanced Rock




7 Responses to “ARCHES/MONUMENT VALLEY Photo Tour”

  1. Awesome blog, images and info, Roman! Big congrats. I can’t wait to attend one of your tours.

  2. Roman, Fantastic Blog. Your images are awesome. I look forward to more.

  3. Jerry Fornarotto Says:

    Your new website looks great!

  4. Pura Kurywczak Says:

    Hi honey…love it! Now I can talk to you from work without picking up the phone! LOL! 🙂

  5. Janet Bongiovanni Says:

    I was just looking to see if I could combine one of your tours with my trip to CA for a reunion this fall. It may not be possible this time around but you can bet I’m starting a piggy bank for 2011. Any sneak previews as to what coming next year?

  6. Thanks all! Janet, I will be getting my 2011 schedule together shortly…..will keep you updated on next years date for Arches/Canyonlands as well as others.

  7. Nice job and good luck with the new blog!

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